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Sheng Shing Vietnam Packaging Co. Ltd.
Sheng Shing Vietnam Packaging Co. Ltd.
About shengshing  size_800X600

Factory & Equipment


We understand the necessity of improving our technology and quality to meet different needs from customers, as a result of this, we continuously upgrade and refurbish the equipment over these years.

Nowadays, we are the only factory which can print up to 12 colours in the whole flower sleeve bag industry. At the same time, we also owe two 8 colours, one 3 colours and one 2 colours printing machines. In addition to that, we have 2 laminating machines.

In terms of the production equipment, we have more than 60 flower sleeves machines which can provide the biggest capacity to customers.
They are semi-automatic, new types of full-automatic flower sleeve bag machines, automatic roll to sheet cutters、automatic punching machines、hot needle perforation machines、slitting machines and film rewinding machines, etc.

On account of our professional techniques and experiences, we make high-quality and competitive products based on customers’ needs and preferences.


About shengshing  size_800X600       About shengshing  size_800X600


About shengshing  size_800X600

About shengshing  size_800X600

Product & Quality


We are a professional packaging corporation which can produce a variety of products based on different materials.

All our products can be customized in line with customers’ packaging needs. We have our design department which can discuss with customers regarding their designs.

In the meantime, our professional printing department is able to produce products that fully present customers’ designs on the packaging. Last but not the least, our production department carries out a strict quality control process which then produces and develops the most suitable products based on customers’ packaging situations.



SSVP is certified with various international certificates including ISO9001, FSC and SEDEX. We hope that we can work on the concept of sustainability with our customers and make the supply chain more transparent and environmentally friendly. In addition to that, we follow all the regulations and laws regarding employees’ wages, benefits, safety and working conditions which provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.


ISO 9001 : 2015