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Sheng Shing Vietnam Packaging Co. Ltd.
Sheng Shing Vietnam Packaging Co. Ltd.
CPP partner

CPP Partner

The CPP raw material used by SSVP comes from Huei Hong Corporation which is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Huei Hong Corporation provides a stable quality of CPP raw material including PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) and PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) CPP.

Mr. Sen-Wang Lin, chairman, has been dedicated to exporting flower packaging products (flower sleeve bags) made of PP material for more than 30 years. Upon this, he has accumulated a great amount of knowledge and production experience relating to the PP material.

On account of learning both the advantages and disadvantages of the CPP film produced by different CPP film manufacturers, we decided to produce the CPP film by ourselves due to the fact that the CPP film in the market now cannot satisfy the packaging needs of flower sleeve bags.

CPP partner

We introduced SML Coextrusion Cast Film Line to specialise in manufacturing PP packaging films. Last but not least, we hope to provide the most suitable CPP films for different industries upon their needs.

Regarding quality control, our factory is also equipped with
Tear Testers, Coefficient of Friction Testers, Transmission Hazemeters, Tensile Strength Testers and other quality control equipment in order to control the quality of each batch of products we produce.

CPP partner

At the moment, Huei Hong Corporation is able to produce recycled CPP film using both 100% of PIR material and PCR material which can be said that it is an advanced technique.

Furthermore, Huei Hong Corporation has achieved full compliance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0 in Dec. 2023. 

The achievement of the GRS certificate marks a significant milestone in its continuous efforts to reduce the environmental footprint whilst providing high performance materials.


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